Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas was a bland, it went by like any other day, it's probably because I'm Asian and I live in Australia, no White Christmas no Christmas at all, i cannot recall the last time i actually had a Christmas tree up with present stashed under it. It's not like i miss it or anything but chyeah... As for New Years Eve, i'm not sure of what to do, not even sure if i want to do anything.. Well my mind might change later after this post. Hmm.. My room, it's revolting, I keep telling myself that im going to clean it today, then I say to myself I'll clean it later, and then it ends up with me saying i'll clean it tomorrow and the process repeat, sighs why can't we have maids in Australia and have the Mexican come over ; ) I kid the kids, now that's just racist, speaking of which my parents are gone overseas and my mom made me take care of her Bonsai trees like seriously it's just a tree... this is why a Mexican comes in handy not hatin, just saying!
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posted by Jacquié. on Wednesday, December 30, 2009


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